2 Feet to 2 Wheels – Part 3: Rebuilding with Unwavering Faith

Thanks for being so receptive to my transparency. It’s been simply amazing to take you on this transformational journey with me. Here is part 3 of Rebuilding with Unwavering Faith. If you have not read parts 1 and 2, you can do so by clicking on the links below.

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I was overfilled with pure gratitude as I signed my new lease and in the “pinch me is this real” mode. I came to Arizona with just $8, a suitcase and a lot of faith. And, in less than 3 months…I was turning the key to my own home and cooking in my own kitchen. I allocated $300 towards the necessities. (Pots, pans, towels, silverware, soap, dishes wash cloths, detergent cleaning supplies, etc.) My sister-friend Myrtis allowed me to borrow her blow-up bed. It felt like a pillow-top after all I endured. LOL! Like most of us women, I can turn nothing into something. I started making this place a HOME. I found the perfect dinette set as I must have a table to eat breakfast and dinner with my babies. So, as uneasy as it was driving a UHAUL truck, I managed to do it. On Day 1, I purchased our table and Wall Art to match!


Dining Room

Our new dining room


The Goodwill, Ross, Ikea and Burlington became my best friends. I wanted to bring color into our home. Everything was beginning to fall into place. I would walk or catch the bus to the stores and call a Lyft to take me home. Everything I put into my home reminded me that I was on my right path. All the things that I lost and left behind were being restored and replenished at rapid speed. A brand new sofa was given to me by Myrtis’s friend. It was the exact sofa my husband and I had purchased a year prior. Talking about full-circle!

Goodwill Finds

Shopping for decorative items at the Goodwill

Living Room

Colorful livingroom

I couldn’t slow down even if I wanted to. It was as if a force was pushing me forward. All goals were happening and being accomplished way before my deadline. I told myself that I would purchase beds for the kids and I in the next month or so. God said NO…you’ll get them this upcoming week. I walked into a family owned mattress store and got a Queen Pillow-top mattress & box string, full size mattress, twin mattress + delivery for under $450. Less than the cost of my queen set alone. The owner’s wife looked me in my eyes and said “Don’t Worry, we will help you!” I hugged her like I’ve known her my whole life! My sister-friend Rukiya who just got back in the USA after living in Bali, Indonesia reached out to me and said “Sis, I’m so proud of you…what do you need?” I started naming small things…she laughed and said…no really, what do you need? This led to her purchasing the kid’s bunk beds and having it delivered to my home that week! I was so grateful. I kept seeing yellow and nature when I envisioned my bedroom. The vision quickly became my reality!

Kids Bed Set

My neighbor and his son put the beds together for me!


My Peaceful Bedroom

As I was decorating my home in the evenings and the weekends, I was getting up at 5:15 am to get to work on-time. I was so tired of walking and catching buses in the pitch cold black that I started catching Lyfts and Ubers for 2 weeks. It was exhausting and costly! I told myself: DeVonna, you must crawl before you walk. It’s sequential building. I wasn’t quite financial ready to buy a car so the next best thing was to purchase a bicycle. I went from 2 feet to 2 wheels. I was so grateful. This bike served as my transportation to the park and ride that took me to work, nature scenic outings and grocery store weekly runs. The little basket was perfect for my weekly grocery needs. There were days when I got caught in the rain. I kept gracefully peddling with peace in knowing that I was in route to my own home. The home that will cover my babies and I.

2 Wheels

I love this bike…not only did it get me around it gave me some HOT legs! My calf muscles were on point.

2 Wheels in the Rain

Caught in the rain riding home from work.

I’m so awakened that I was aware of the progress even as I lived it and now as I tell it! I’m still fascinated by what God and I co-created together daily! Most days I was exhausted as I lead meetings, put on my suits, wore my professional hat. However, I ended each day humbled and as the cars rode by and my legs were burning a little from turning those bike pedals… I felt Free! Triumphantly Free of judging myself or others! I’m so thankful!!

I started to put in the universe that I will have a car by mid March!! God saw it otherwise. By mid January, Lisa agreed to take me car shopping. I walked into CARMAX and less than 45 minutes I was approved for a car! I drove off the lot in less than 2 hours with a great interest rate and paying less than what I was paying on my previous car-note! My full coverage insurance was also cheaper! It was all God!! I said YESSSSSSSS! This is my ticket to get my babies! I initially was going deal with the pain of missing my children and let them finish out the school year back East. But…Again God saw it otherwise.

New Car

Smiling from my whole heart on my new car!!!

Myanna wasn’t doing too well in school and I knew she needed to be with me sooner. I called her school and asked what is the first day of the final quarter! The registrar was so helpful and welcoming to my daughter coming back to Arizona. Just like that I was back on Mommy duty!

Myanna came home!

The night before…I couldn’t sleep. I was that EXCITED! I wanted our home to be perfect for her! I had friends waiting for her at our home and made her favorite meal! This was the beginning to finding my rhythm and gaining a sense of normalcy.

Myanna is home

I cried and kissed her whole face!! She was so much taller than me. In my heart, it felt as if I was holding her as a newborn!

Welcome Home Myanna

Just like magic: Job, Furnished Home, Car, 1st Born Child and a Peace of Mind all within God’s timing. We must trust the process and be willing to do whatever it takes to live out our Destiny!

You see I kept smiling and being grateful for every experience in the midst of it all! This journey has taught me the power of gratitude and perspective! I remember just a few weeks prior I was walking home! Just a few weeks before that I had no home of own to walk to. And just a few weeks before that I had no job to go to! So each day, I walked into my office thankful even in the midst of riding my bike in the pitch dark to get there! I’m on… My light is on… My drive is on 10,000! I’m excuse free! I’m not bound by my successful past nor am I bound to chasing the future! In this moment, I am experiencing Life!

Stay tuned  for the final part 4 of the this journey. Then, I’ll dive into empowering your Dreams and meeting you exactly where you are!

It’s so great to be back at it with you in this space!

Be sure to comment and let me know about a time in your life where your Faith superseded a challenge you had to face head on!