Life wants the BEST for YOU!

Life wants the BEST for You!

Now, Repeat this Mantra 3 times! 

  1. Life wants the Best for Me
  2. Life wants the Best for Me 
  3. Life wants the Best for me

When you Believe wholeheartedly that life truly wants the Best for you no matter what… You begin to look at ALL THINGS as a Servant for your Greater Good. As I look back, I now fully understand that rejection only meant redirection, leading me on a path of where I truly wanted to Go opposed to settling for the next best thing. The key to living your BEST Life in the midst of any obstacle that life throws your way is Finding Your Way Back To Your Center.

Your center is your WHY. It’s that calm space inside of you that allows you to get out of your Head and connected to the power that lives inside of YOU. This is how you ignite your inner compass that was intuitively designed to direct you. Also known as a “Women’s Intuition”…! 

Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. As you release the breath feel the calming happening on the inside of you. And, just BE. In this space, it is so much easier to shift your mindset into believing that no matter what’s happening around you, life wants the best for you.

I want to challenge you to find the lesson in any barrier that you think is NOT allowing you to live your BEST Life. Begin a dialogue and lean into your situation using words like I know you are here to serve my highest good if I look deep enough. Ask: What are you here to teach me? This is when the magical shift begins to happen. You begin to accept every detour as a necessary step leading you to your Best Self living your Best Life!

What does your Best Life Look Like to You? Comment below and let us know. Your comment is YOUR Proclamation!  Remember, it all starts with believing that life truly does want the best for you. Once you believe it, you ignite the power to show up as such!

Love, Your Dream Coach!