Goals & Accountability Monthly Mentoring, Support & Coaching Sale

Goals & Accountability Monthly Mentoring, Support and Coaching 


The GOALS & ACCOUNTABILITY Monthly Coaching Program is where you get support, 1-on-1 mentoring, and held accountable to achieve the goals you set each month. We work together and laser focus on what your intention is for the month and implement an action plan to get you the results you intend.

Go Alone, you will get there. Go together, you will get there faster…

What’s included:

  • 4 intense and inspiring 1 hour weekly coaching sessions with DeVonna. (Pick brain Q&A at the end of each call) 

  • Unlimited email access to DeVonna to help you push through your weekly tasks or for encouraging support and brainstorming when needed. 

  • Clarity around Who You Are. What You Want. Why You Want It. When You Want.

  • Creation and Implementation of Your Monthly Action Plan.

  • Downloadable Worksheets for the month.


This program is for you if…

* You’re tired of trying to do it alone and end up frustrated with  your progression and not doing anything. 

* You have a goal of starting a service based business or non-profit organization and would like DeVonna’s hands on experience building your purpose driven business/organization from the ground up. 

* You want to focus on your WHOLENESS as a Woman. You’re feeling unbalanced and want to align your inner and outer worlds to show-up as a positive reflection of Who you are and What you desire. 

*You have a very specific Goal that you’re focused and determined to achieve and want DeVonna to go on the journey with you to help you achieve your goal faster. 

* You feel all over the place and want to create a rhythm and flow to your life that supports you being the Woman you are capable of being.

 *You have big goals and dreams you’re tired of ignoring and ready to get out of your own way and do the work to live the life you want.

Here’s why some of my clients signed up for the Goals and Accountability Coaching Program: 

  • She wanted to advance in her career of 15 years and was ready to take on a leadership role. We worked on her implementing a morning routine. In order for a leader to lead others they must have time to set the intention for their day/week while creating a space for rejuvenation to happen in their own lives. We role played for her interview, developed discussion points for the hiring supervisor, created a communication mechanism for her current peers who would become staff that she supervises. We revamped her resume to reflect her as a passionate Woman Leader. She was selected for the position! Yayyyyy!

  • She wanted to expand her hair salon business, tolerance for her clients and develop a positive attitude with inviting conversations instead of having a negative attitude. She also wanted to strengthen her self-confidence and develop ways to confidently communicate with others. We worked on active imagination to get to the root of her issues, positive affirming and getting her enrolled and committed to the certifications that would allow her to charge more money for her services. We role played and shifted her limiting beliefs that were projected on her. She identified that she made the choice to believe the perceptions of others and decided to see her strength. She opened up a salon in her basement, left an unhealthy relationship and now travels with joy!     

  •  She wanted to start a Holistic Health Coaching Business after beating her odds against cancer! We literally created her coaching packages, got her signed up for associations in her field, developed her website, outlined her speech for her first paid speaking gig and strengthened her confidence to put herself out there for free speaking gigs for exposure. She has a thriving business!

  • She took on a big leadership role in her community efforts while earning 6 figures in her busy day job/career. She was an overachiever looking for balance and support while she leads others. We worked on implementing boundaries and self-care rituals and being present in the moment. She’s creating space to love on herself more and prioritizing to take moments just to breathe. 

    I would love to work with you too! 


You get 50% off your 1st Month of Goals and Accountability Mentoring and Coaching. Investment $597   $297. 

Sale Ends: 

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Disclaimer* This Offer is only for New Clients and Returning Clients that have not coached with me 1-on-1 in 6 months or more.