Never Fire Yourself – 10 Questions to Ask when rehiring yourself for the Position of your Dreams!

Victory is always promising when you refuse to give up on yourself…

Appointing yourself as the CEO of your life and business can be rather challenging. It requires a STRONG Why, relentless dedication and the ability to let emotions and thoughts come into your mind without adhering to the ones that do not serve your highest self.

I always remind myself that feelings are temporary. What ultimately matters is the Vision we have for our lives.This Vision is the driving force of our goals and dreams. The plan may change but the Goal stays the same. So we can’t lose ourselves in the results…we must remain flexible on the path to our dreams becoming our reality.

Everything is temporary: Emotions, people, things and circumstances. Don’t become attached, Just flow with it and keep your VISION in the forefront of your mind and heart.

If you have ever been in the crossroads of life and decided to give up on yourself this message is for you.

Never Fire Yourself! If you’ve already given up on YOU, I want you to dust yourself off and TRY AGAIN with everything you have inside of YOU.

I fired myself twice in my life. Each time, I had to do the inner work to re-hire myself. What I learned is that whatever caused me to give up didn’t compare to the yearn I had for my life’s work. It felt like a piece of me was missing. So, I recommitted to my life’s purpose and vow to never ever separate from it again, no matter what!

If you have given up on your Dreams… Here are 10 Results Driven questions to ask before re-hiring yourself to do the work you were called to do.

  1. What qualifies you to be rehired?

What qualifies me to be rehired to earn a living serving the world with my gifts is the mere fact that my passion has been restored and strengthened by a force higher than all forces – God! My ability to utilize my inner compass to guide and lead me on a journey where I was forced to trust God. I was stretched and stripped to the core as every single comfort zone was removed from me, yet I carried God’s Peace. I released resentment. I released social comparison. I released the desire be anything other than the DeVonna God created me to be. I’m learning more and more each day to see myself the way God sees me. And, this warrants me to be re-hired. I passed the test of all tests and I did not FOLD! From the depths of my soul “I Still Want It” and so many lives will be positively impacted by my decision to begin again and Never Stop! I AM Worthy!

  1. Why are you the best fit for this position?

I am the best fit for this position because I was called to do this work. There are people waiting for me to show-up. There are women lost in the day-to-day stuck with accepting whatever life throws their way. My life’s work is to serve as a refreshing reminder that each of us hold inside a force that can re-direct into the direction aligned with our biggest desires, goals and core values.  Also the truth of the matter is that I will NOT truly be fulfilled doing anything else. The question becomes: Will you still love this work on the days that it’s not paying you for it? My answer is YES! Yes, I will still love it. And it is my reason for not fully walking away from a job in an environment that doesn’t align with my passion.

  1. What will you do differently this go around?

This go around I will be 150% Me. I vow not to look at what others are doing and how they do it. I will look to God for guidance, while remaining educated and engrossed in my life’s work. I will connect with my customers and women in my community more. I will involve them in the product development process. I will remain consistent. I’m going to stop quitting when life shows up. No Pity parties…I’m going to feel the emotion, then release it and GO Onward.  I’m going to work in my business on the days that I’m not inspired. I’m going to hire help early on. I’m going to embrace money as a resource and sell my services and products at a price point conducive to my impact/worth because this work is also my business. No matter how long it takes, I know without a shadow of doubt that I can bring my intended results to life. I’m going to work hard and apply God’s time to everything I do opposed to projecting so much uneasiness and frustration when I do not meet self-proposed deadlines. I’m going to be a customer centric business while sharing my truth opposed to an ego centric business. I’m

  1. What does your commitment look like?

My commitment looks like setting a schedule to do consistent weekly videos, creating irresistible content on my website and blog. It looks like maximizing my partnership with Lioness Magazine, taking the approach of monetizing my life’s work. My commitment looks like hiring the right team with the right skill-sets and core values. It’s working smart and hard! It’s not trying to do it all alone and be a customer focused business. It’s removing ego and leading with love and confidence. It’s doing the WORK and developing A WHATEVER IT TAKES Mindset for reaching my goals. It’s a matter of believing When I opposed to If I!

  1. What are your income generation goals in 3 months, 6months and 12 months?

3 months – 3k per month 6months – 5k per month 12 months – 10k per month

  1. What type of person will be successful in this position? Are you this person?

The type of person that will be successful in this position is the person who is not defeated by challenges big or small. A confident person that believes in oneself and the impact of their work. The person that thinks passionately and strategically, rather than emotionally! The person who keeps going regardless of the results! A person that it consistent, dedicated and opened to trying creative ways to get to the solution intended. A person that has integrity and a love for people with empathy and compassion. A person that’s organized and charismatic. A person that knows when to multi-task and when to hone in on one task until it’s done. A person who knows the meaning of being productive vs. just busy. The type of person that can handle rejection. I Am this person. I will have to push through the resistance on the days emotion over-powers my mind causing me to no longer believe in myself.

  1. Are you all in and willing to do what it takes even on the days you are uninspired?

Absolutely!! I keep hearing my best friend say…no matter what happens. McDonalds is Open! I have to build a structure that keeps me motivated and on purpose. I’m only allowing myself 2 self-care check-out days each month. It all falls down to Clarity and Productivity. Doing the work that amounts to real results. On the days I am uninspired, I will identify 3 things to do from my weekly to-do list. I will ask the questions: How will this make me money? How will this impact the lives of the community I serve, my customers.  I will remind myself that this is a business I love …And a business must make money to be a business.

  1. What makes you the BEST?

My PASSION and ability to get to the core of people makes me the BEST, HANDS DOWN! I have a Light that’s so electrifying when it’s turned on. It reels people in. It inspires. It connects. It empowers. It serves. It listens. It teaches. When I speak you hear not only my words but you hear my soul! I can peel the layers. I am the WOMAN lad by passion who develops a VISION and with every fiber in my BEING I BRING the VISION to LIFE! I endure whatever it takes! I’m honest and I’ve been doing this work for over 11 years professionally and I must remind myself on the days social comparison tries to kick in!

  1. What advice do you have for Old You…the version of yourself that gave up?

2013 DeVonna, I want you to know that I admire you for being so brave and courageous. Your optimism was unmatched. Your vision was clear. DeVonna, you embarked on a journey without really experiencing failing. Your youthful perspective was somewhat unbalanced due to your experiences being limited in a sense. Here is my advice: Be BOLD, CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT. Don’t get so caught up in the social media world. Remember, you have been doing this work way before smartphones, facebook and Instagram. Don’t relish in the disappointing moments too long. Become laser focused while accompanying that focus with flexibility and an openness to try creative ways to reach your goals. LIVE! Too much of anything is NOT Good for you! LAUGH, SING, DANCE, LOVE, PRAY, MEDITATE & CREATE! Try not to start strong and finish weak. Make your energy everlasting, you do this by self-care. Aim high and keep believing even if you land lower than anticipated. Know what motivates you. Accept all that comes with being chosen and favored. Watch your ego and remain humble. See yourself beyond your accomplishments. See yourself beyond your failures. See yourself exactly how God sees you! Fast Forward: 4 Years Later. Know that everything you thought you lost…will be replenished. Go On. Do. Be. You Got this.

  1. What is your BIG VISION you will nurture day 1 of being rehired?

Re-connecting with my subscribers and knocking out a months’ worth of content. Then developing an online course. Doing the work in real life.

Now ask yourself these questions and get back to pursuing your Dreams….

Remember, you are worthy! Comment your answers to your favorite 3 questions.