Success Stories

Here are some success stories by a few amazing women I had the opportunity to work with.

“The first week of coaching, Devonna put order into my life and allowed me to have a better vision of what I needed to accomplish. I would say only after a couple of weeks Devonna was transitioning my negativity into positivity. After the first month, I felt like a new woman. I feel great! I am alive and feel as though I have more control of me and my life. Most importantly, I am free of anxiety, Im working more on living in the moment, and I love myself and the woman I am becoming! Thank you so much Devonna!! You are truly the best!!” ~Dionne Washington

“DeVonna, words cannot describe how much meeting you was right on time and truly Gods doing! I wish you could understand how much you mean not only to me but so many lives that you have touched and yet to touch! You are the definition of Love. You listen without judging and you never give up on people even if they have given up on others and themselves. You are a reminder that there is hope, there is a future and all we have to do is go out and grab it, hold on to it with love and patience. You told me to be a woman of my word! You put a smile on my face every time we have a coaching session! I remember you telling me that I know what I want I just have to do it! For that I thank you and now I’m returning to school and will achieve my dreams without giving up! Love you!” ~ Princess Joaquin

“DeVonna has been a big inspiration for me in so many aspects in life; she showed me How to love through pain; she showed me How to except everyone, especially the ones you truly love no matter any down falls; she showed me How to approach my dreams even with No Doubts about my decision. Especially when your heart desires it; most of all she has showed me What a True Friendship feels like just from being a Beautiful person inside and out. I love my blessing from GOD, coach and friend DeVonna Petree . “~ Moniqua D. Bumpers

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend DeVonna as a Dream Coach. During our coaching sessions, DeVonna displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and understanding. She is a true inspiration to both men and women. I was struggling with a life altering decision and DeVonna’s down-to-earth and yet powerful message was filled with empowerment and encouragement as she coached me out of my comfort zone of doing what is comfortable, taught me how to remove invisible childhood walls of self-judgment to guiding me in making decisions to follow the path of my visions, dreams and passions. DeVonna empowered me to believe in my dreams again. She explained to me how important it is not overload myself with too many things at once so I can remain focus on the main thing and all other desires will surface in due time…She believes in her clients’ dreams and that was very helpful for me.” ~ Ikisha Little, MBA ~ Founder of Girls In Action (GIA)

DeVonna’s programs and workshops have been an inspiration to me and a lot of single mothers out there that are stressed out and struggling. The workshops have made me stronger, happier and built my self-esteem and confidence to let me know I am not alone. This is some real powerful stuff going on in her workshops. I have learned that I am not alone and that I don’t have to be another statistic.” ~ LaShawn Johnson

“DeVonna’s programs are unorthodox but authentic, providing comprehensive skills development for young mothers and at-risk girls. DeVonna and her team develop their programs based on real-life experience of young mothers in the District. What makes her programs unique is the commitment to imparting vital, real-world skills and doing so in a safe place that supports learning and growth.” ~ Rachel Cohen, Diverse City Fund

I want to say thank you because when I first started DeVonna’s program, I saw myself as a dead beat mom, after meeting with Ms. DeVonna, it made me see things different about being a mother” ~ Bernice Genus

“DeVonna is truly a gifted Dream Coach. When I first talked with DeVonna I was unemployed and stressed out. Now I have 3 Jobs and have never been happier!! Thanks DeVonna!!” ~ Shauna