How can I get back to Me?

There comes a time in your life when you must take a good look at what’s happening around you. From there, you have to be very honest with yourself and ask: Did I sign up for this? How can I get back to Me?

Life has its way of stringing you along if you are not very intentional with the direction you are heading towards.

I’ve always been very laser focused, so much so that I couldn’t see anything on the sidelines. I was driven by my vision. This type of focus had armor against all distractions! Nothing could stop me…not even ME!

Over the past year…I’ve noticed some patterns arising and taking the lead in my life. I felt off track. I never knew this side of DeVonna before! I’ve only known the ambitious, self-motivated, determined young girl that developed these traits even stronger as a woman!  I started to judge, self-ridicule and literally began to have an outer body experience, shaking myself in an imaginary way “Me shaking Me…screaming SNAP OUT OF IT!!”

These patterns ignited my curiosity! I became very observant of my moods, energy levels, etc.  I noticed the triggers. One of the triggers was a person…something about this person depleted my energy and caused me to feel so uninspired. You know I’m driven by inspiration! LOL!  Something must give so I asked myself: Am I allowing this energy to overpower my truth? In this moment, I said aloud “I own me and am responsible for my own happiness!” This process has taught me that the best of us can get off track and we can all course correct and redirect our lives.

Repeat this mantra:

“I own me and am responsible for my own happiness!”

Gran CanyonGrand Canyon!! Life is grande! Get out of your head, free yourself from whatever’s holding you back and go see what’s awaiting you in this big world, when you show up as the person you really are! ~ DeVonna, your Dream Coach ~

Get back to YOU! Own yourself again! This is your precious life and you must be who you are in this world.  If saying Yes to You makes others uncomfortable, so be it! Decide what you want for your life and don’t tolerate anything less. The right path is the one that leads to your version of happiness. Don’t be imprisoned by your current circumstances!  Go, Be and Do!!!

Look at your life…are you truly living for you or existing and settling into the circumstances life has thrown your way?