The Power of Perspective: The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion

I woke up in great spirits today but my energy was low. I honored myself and paced my day around just getting 2 things done on my weekly intention list. Right before my late morning meeting call regarding my next international trip, I received a call from my son’s school that he had a potty accident. I was thinking, I’m already tired….now another thing added to my very short to-do list. I arrived at  Asad’s school 2 hours before dismissal and needed to pass time. I simply went where I felt led…I ended up at Books a Million! The book: The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna stood out to me! Everything about the book gave me chills. I’m sitting in the corner, sipping on frosted coffee feeling inspiration cover every inch of me…so much so, I got goose bumps and chills. I felt an enormous amount of gratitude for the lifestyle I now live. You see, the old me could only see one dimension of things…I focused my energy on striving to obtain what I wanted opposed to being thankful for what I have.

Suddenly a light came on my mind, I remembered asking my 4 closest sister-friends individually how they see me. I trust them wholeheartedly and how each of them viewed me was totally different than what I saw. Their words were: brave, courageous, free, powerful, passionate, unorthodox…etc. When all I saw was: I didn’t meet the goal bottom-line figure in my business and feeling a heap of resentment for my choices! My sister-friend said: “DeVonna, change your perspective! Look at all the experiences you’ve had and I’m stuck in a job I hate and on somebody else’s time.” My counter response was you have certainty…I don’t! She replied: Do you Need anything in this moment?…my response No, actually I don’t….”

When you need nothing, you attract everything. Shifting your mindset from lack opens the pathways to abundance.

So, I open the book and land on a page that read…

The Crossroads of Should and Must

Will choosing must make me rich? Yes.

The wealthiest people I know have days and nights filled with life’s most priceless items:

Must Wealthy Passage


Watching the sunset

Smelling the rain

Making scramble eggs on a weekday

Making it to your favorite exercise class

Having Belly Laughs with a friend


Making Tea before Bed

Making a meal for someone special

Writing a hand-written note

Eating an ice cream sandwich

Taking a pointless bikeride

Walking slowly enough to smell the flowers


Taking the long way home

Going on a walking meeting

Remembering all your dreams

HA!! This is literally my lifestyle. I can truly check each these items off every week!  Only when you choose to change your perspective will you see the abundance of life. Money is only a small piece of wealth. Wealthy is a lifestyle. We often yearn to go back when the going gets tough. This is the moment when you must go onward. This is your awakening and your life will be a mere reflection of it! Remember, you own the power of perspective.

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