Patience is a virtue

We live in a world where instant gratification is the utmost desired. We want what we want when we want it! And, when things don’t happen within the time-frame we predicted, often times, we take it as a NO! As I observe vision, ambition, determination, courage and purpose make its way back to the forefront of my life, I can only continue to work side-by-side the universe as it opens the doors to what is for me on GOD’s time! When it seems unbearably hard, it means that we have more to learn. What we learn we must apply as it will be the force that propels to your intentional position. So, we must be patient and trust that a rejection is a temporary NO that positions you for something greater.

Trusting takes PATIENCE!

Patience is a virtue …as cliché as it sounds, it is the truth! Patience is about trust, like planting a seed. Patience can be seen as inactivity but in all actuality it’s only waiting for the right season. Your Season! Try not to get sidetracked by your stillness or distracted by what’s happening or not happening around you. Just be patient and continue to nurture your dreams. In this world where hustle is magnified…know that patience exudes grace and grace can take you places that hustling CANNOT!

Be grateful for it ALL, including the difficulties and have deep inner trust that the universe is aligned with your positive intentions!

Patience reminds me of the Chinese Bamboo Tree, this tree is very different from most trees! It doesn’t deeply root and hit its growth spurt until its 5th year, then can possibly grow to 90 feet in 5 weeks!! Have Patience, you just may be closer to success than you think!

Remember, No is only certain when you give up and throw in the towel. Keep striving and watering the Bamboo in YOU!