How To Experience The Magic Of Bali Indonesia – A Fun & Exciting Travel

Bali. Magical Bali Indonesia, why must you be so beautiful? Traveling to Bali made me reach beyond what was familiar and ignited the necessary acclimation to what was new. I saw the many facets of myself and had to remind the inner me to stay in the NOW. If you are a woman of color traveling to Bali, I hope you don’t mind blushing. We could not take three steps down any street without receiving a compliment on our skin, hair or features from men and women. The Balinese locals were friendly, welcoming and in awe of our beauty just as we were with theirs. Bali had such a great vibe and peacefulness about it. Water Temple with Fam

My Sister Friends and I met beautiful people from all over the world that were in awe to take a photo with us. I must admit, it was flattering!

The smell. Between the abundance of flowers growing all around and incense burning on every alter, the breeze always came with a sweet aroma.


You will get a good workout visiting Bali. We stayed in the heart of Ubud Center and our bungalow was a 10 minute uphill trek from the road on one side or you had to walk up 100 stone steps from the other road. So every night we had to pick our poison. LoL.Bungalow View from Villa


Eat Balinese food. It’s all about the fresh ingredients and spices: ginger, garlic, onions, chilies, coconut cream, curry, leafy veggies. We did not meet a Balinese dish we didn’t like.

Great Food!

Oh, Did I say the locals were beautifully amazing filled with rich culture and very open to having us in their land!?

 Balanese WomanBeautiful PeopleWater Temple Balinese

There are many different ways to enrich in the Balinese Culture! The Elephant Jungle was such an incredible experience. My Sister-Friend loves elephants,so  it was truly a dream come true to ride one.

Elephant Ride on land                                   Elephant Ride in water

This Tiny House in the Elephant Jungle felt like home. As a lover of the Tiny House Movement, I cried happy tears of excitement to embrace a life of little material possessions but filled w/ Magical Experiences.

Tiny House Entrance                                   Tiny House Praying

Gili Trawangan Island!

Beach Gili Island                             Hammock Relax

Swing Ocean View“If you cannot find peace wherever you are, you certainly will not find it elsewhere.” I’ve learned that ‪peace and all of the other ‪virtues come from within. We All have the ‪power to condition our minds to think positively and create visuals we would like to see regardless of what is happening around us. However, I’m a firm believer in ‪energy. The energy in ‪Bali ‎Indonesia felt so ‪Magical and ‪Invigorating. And, to me energy enhances the fortitude of Peace. It doesn’t change the challenges that you may be faced with. But, it surely impacts your response and interpretation to the matters before you. Remember, “Paradise lives in the mind, but being in paradise makes it so much easier to conceive and believe.” –

A Wise Woman In Bali Indonesia

Rock Ocean ViewAs I reflect on the array of emotions that have come to surface on this trip alone…I am left with no choice but to accept that I am one intricate ‪‎Woman. Travel will not only teach you about different foods, people and cultures. It will will also reveal more of who you are, as your since of normalcy has been removed! I’m still learning and defining the many facets of me and what I hope to bring to the world. Day 1 I was afraid of bugs or to shower outdoors…Day 9, I found solace in the nature experience and accepted that we are one and without flinch I honored the bugs that joined me on this day. Who’s to say that I may not come back as a bug one day!

Balinese Massage

“My God, I think my U.S. massage experience has been ruined forever! I was a little apprehensive about getting naked in front the massage therapist while being outdoors in a bungalow style setting. But, once I gathered my nerves and laid on the table, my body rendered and felt peace all over me, it felt golden! And the cost — Less than $7 USD for well over an hour!! Heaven! I walked out a new woman with my calming new canine friend. Dog Walk Lola LilyMassage at Lola Lily

Yoga and More!

We indulged in a sensational yoga session with views galore. Yoga in Ubud

The Powerful Sister Circle at my sister-friend’s beautiful Balinese home filled with rich wooded architecture served as a reminder that lovely expat living with children can be done. And experiencing the spiritual holy water temple was powerful and refreshing! All I can say is Thank you, I will carry this experience with me forever. If you are looking for a fun and invigorating travel–Bali Indonesia is a must!

                              Sister Friends at Rukiya         Janelle and I in Spiritual Water