How to overcome the 5 Fears that Stop Countless Entrepreneurs

I woke up thinking about all of the reasons we as humans play ourselves small and do just enough to get by. When getting by is nowhere near aligned with the ideal vision we have for our lives. All of the reasons I came up with were connected to FEAR in some way.

I’m writing to let you know that……


Fear! I wish being a Dream Coach came with a magic wand and I could just eliminate Fear from this world! Fear shows up in a variety of ways in our lives. It can sound like the voice of reason and cause you to second guess yourself. We must stand up and face our fears. If we don’t, it can hinder us from so many things in life! Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real that can take over your mind and trick you into believing that you: Are Not Enough!

You are ENOUGH! There is always room to grow and evolve. This growth enhances you NOT Make You.

Fear shows up in our personal lives and businesses!

For example, you know you deserve more money for your services but you play yourself small out of fear of being too expensive or rejected. It’s imperative to know your value. Chances are if you are worried about your fees you are catering to the wrong audience. I struggled with this when I was transitioning from a Non-Profit Founder/CEO to a Dream Coach leading a for-profit business. What helped me to see my value was re-visiting the participant’s feedback on surveys and letters they wrote on how the programs I developed and workshops I personally facilitated transformed and empowered their lives!

It was like a light bulb went off in my head…”Who I am and what I do has value.” Battling Fear is an on-going process; transforming negative thinking into positive empowering thoughts and beliefs is where you start to conquer the top 5 Fears below:

  1. Failure – but failure is your greatest teacher.
  2. Success – We are afraid to shine our light…but, when we shine our light we impact the masses.
  3. Fear of Rejection: NO stands for Next Opportunity. It strengthens your craft.
  4. What others may think – We can’t please the world. Be you. Those who get you cool…those who don’t that’s cool too.
  5. Fear of losing things that make us comfortable. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable in the world of living your Dreams. Amazing things rarely happen in a comfort zone.

At times, we are super busy doing everything except the tasks that can propel us towards success. This is a form of fear. Fear of getting clarity and not doing anything with it! If you are eager to push against the fear, and begin to live out your version of happiness, schedule a complimentary session with me.

Ask yourself: What would I do, if I knew I couldn’t fail? Feel the sweat, butterflies and your heart beating fast… And just breathe. Breathe and tell fear to have several seats because you have a Dream to fulfill.

  • Make them phone calls.
  • Present that business plan to potential investors.
  • Book your first international solo trip.
  • Try a new path.
  • Tell that person you’ve been dating you LOVE them.
  • Submit that proposal.
  • Create that website / facebook fan page.
  • Speak at your first event.

Whatever it is you want to do, go for it! If you are waiting for fear to leave…it will not unless you take action and prove it otherwise. Face your fears and go toe-to-toe showing them YOU GOT THIS.

 Never let your fears hold you back from pursuing your dreams!


Please comment below and let me know which fears you are conquering today!

Love, your Dream Coach!


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