How do I bring my Dreams and Goals to Life?

This post is a little different from my usual posts. I’m so excited about the twists and turns that are happening on my journey that I must share it with someone, so I choose to share with you. As you know, I normally give tips, tools, motivation, etc.. But, this time I simply want to invite you into my heart and share my new vision with you. I hope it inspires you to dream bigger and live life on your own terms.

On days that I coach clients, I usually relax the remaining of the day to reenergize after pouring so much into others. So yesterday was that day. After I coached, I put Dawson’s Creek season 3 in my DVD player and begin to reminisce about my teenage years. I remember watching the show years ago as a little girl and now I’m watching it as a woman with experience. I can relate and understand on a deeper level than before. My mind began to drift as I thought about where life is taking me and who I am becoming. Have you ever been so happy about the person you are becoming that it brings you to tears? I cried for this very same reason yesterday.

When you go on life’s journey pursuing your plans aligned with your desires, life tends to detour you towards its plans. You begin to see why so many things you thought you wanted didn’t come to fruition.

I see crystal clear why the things I viewed as failures were actually experiences to position me closer to my destiny. In a since, I was chasing the idea of becoming who I thought the world wanted me to become. However, it was way too normal and predictable. Little did I know that it is perfectly fine to be a little fish in a BIG sea. I’m learning that the BIGGER I dream the smaller I become because less and less is it about me. I enjoy becoming a little fish in a big sea because it gives me more room to explore, grow and be adventurous. In this moment, I fully accept my new unintentional vision. I have this new BIG Vision for my life.

It involves traveling the world. "</p I want to see and experience different cultures, relax on beaches, live like the locals, eat fresh fruits and drink fresh squeezed juices. I want to devour all the seafood my stomach can handle. I want a very intimate living space comprised of a beautiful courtyard with a serene colorful nature view filled with trees, flowers and plants very close to a lake. I need quiet time to reflect. I want to meet new people and allow the entire world to be my platform. Who I am becoming wasn’t planned. I thought moving to Arizona would fulfill my yearn for adventure and hunger to explore, Instead it ignited the burning desire within. My passport came a few days ago and pure excitement was all over me!

Then, the limiting beliefs showed up: (But, You are a Mother and Wife…how will you do this with children?) I want my children to experience this BIG WORLD with me and I also want amazing solo travel moments. I realize my purpose is a part of me and I am a part of it. I don’t want fame. I want peace, love, strength, courage and clarity surrounded by God’s beauty! I want my version of a wealthy lifestyle of time and financial freedom. I know I have a voice. I vow to get my message heard but, it doesn’t have to come in this huge form of a BIG BRAND. I truly respect that Business is a numbers game…however, I still honor quality over quantity. I plan on continuing the path of building a valuable, impactful and scalable business. My Voice. My Way. My Terms. Ahhh, I envision myself wearing pretty comfortable dresses that flow in the breeze, no worries just smiling and Free. Yeah, I choose this lifestyle and deep down inside of me I know that this lifestyle choose me too.

As I conclude this post, it dawned on me: this is the exact formula I use to bring my dreams and goals to life. I cultivate them and lose myself in the nurturing process of creating my vision.

Don’t run from your vision or try to make since of it. The less you try to analyze, simplify or avoid it, the tug-a-war stops. The vision becomes clearer and leaves with no choice but to pursue it.