Everything Falls Into Place When It Collapses – Final Part 4 of the Rebuild

Everything falls into place when it collapses!

Thanks for going on this journey with me. We made it to the final part of Rebuilding with Unwavering Faith. If you have not read Parts 1,2, and 3…you can do so by clicking the links below.
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On March, 22 2017, I cried so much that I was uncertain if I would have any tears left to cry! It was my son’s 6th birthday and he was across the country with his dad…safe…but apart from me. Weeks prior, his dad was only open for discussion of him coming back with me at the end of the school year. I honestly couldn’t fathom waiting another 3 months to get my son. I kept trying to figure out the “HOW”, Who would keep my baby while I work, as the schools near my home didn’t have before or after care. My family was all across the country, so I had no one to watch him.

On the morning of March 22nd, I called his dad and said “I’m getting my son next week.” Though I had a car, I decided to ride my bicycle to work to release the pain of being away from my son. I get to work and it was a message notification on my phone. I listened to the message and it was the registrar for a school minutes from my job, stating that their phone system was sending out-of-state calls directly to voicemail. As, I’ve been calling nearly a month to get any information on enrolling Asad. The lady was so nice and helpful. She stated that Asad could start school there and he was also accepted into the Peer before and after Program!

Again, God’s timing! I literally started crying on the phone! I was walking and praying in gratitude all day! I had to handle this move in silence. I only told my best friend, Janelle.

There comes a time in your life when you can’t share certain blessings with too many people. You want to keep other people’s projections and energy at bay as you witness the miracle unfold.

When you make a Decision, You make room for Miracles to Unfold in your life!

The school called the DAY I made a DECISION that my son will be here with his mommy and sister and nothing or nobody was stopping it! I was so excited, I must’ve lost 3 lbs that week…I couldn’t really eat the closer it got to the flight date to go get my Man-Child. I couldn’t wait to hold him and kiss his whole face! My flight was delayed in NYC, where I had a layover! Then came the announcement that no flights will be leaving on that day due to the weather.

I broke down!

I had a quick turnaround to get Asad, as my returning flight to Phoenix departed early the next day and I still had to pack his things! After pleading from my heart, the awesome young lady form Delta gave me a voucher to take a shuttle to another Airport! She must’ve spent 40 minutes helping me while her line was increasing longer and longer. One point, I saw tears in her eyes because her hands were tied due to delays everywhere. She found me a flight to Detroit and told me I would have to move very fast in order to make this flight! She came across the counter and whispered, “go to the shuttle and get in the front of the line, they are expecting you!” She held both of my hands and said…Good Luck!” I thanked her with my eyes from the core of my being! Then ran through the JFK Airport!

I finally get to LaGuardia Airport in the freezing cold and another Delta sister looked at my boarding pass and said “Do you know how big the Airport is in Detroit? It’s no way you will make it to your departure gate to NC in 22 minutes!” I looked her in her eyes with exhaustion and not enough tears left to fall down my cheeks so my eyelids were full… I said… “I HAVE TO GET MY SON” and laid my head on the counter. It was a long line behind me again! She said Give me a minute let me talk to my manager. In less than 10 minutes, she walked up to me and said “Who’s the best??” She handed me a direct flight boarding pass to Charlotte, NC and upgraded me to business class. I hugged her so tight…she said Go Get Your Son!!

Sadi at Airport

My baby heading home with Mommy!

Sadi headed to AZ with mommy

Asad looking out the window. He was so graceful on the plane.

Sadi first morning home with mommy

Asad woke up bright eyed and joyful. I must’ve operated off less than 2 hours of sleep. I kept reaching over to kiss him and just stared in utter amazement by God’d grace!

Sadi Graduating

Asad was heading to his Kindergarten graduation! He quickly got acclimated and made so many new friends. His Peer teacher called me to say “Every year I have 1-2 special children that bring so much light to everyone. And, Asad is that child for me this year, thank you! I said “Thank you, Mrs. Gibson for taking good care of my baby…this was a transition for all of us!

We quickly found our rhythm together as a family. Myanna was becoming the Star of her basketball team and I was a proud Mama! I found so much joy in washing their clothes, cooking their meals, family fun day was out of this world! I no longer took for granted “Being tired from mommy duties..” etc.

I truly have a new profound bond with God. This journey has brought me back to my purpose and I couldn’t be any prouder. The journey was hard and emotional. However, I kept moving forward with a knowing that something Greater was ahead! I LOVE the WOMAN I AM ON THE INSIDE! I feel Powerful. I know my Power! I learned how to see beyond the superficial.

Most Importantly, there aren’t any failures in life! It all leads to the same Destiny if you allow it. Your identity is not connected to your failure!

I’m going full throttle this go around! I have a Second Wind accompanied with God’s Grace and will Not and Cannot Be defeated.

This is JOY!

Family at PV

My Babies!!

Myanna and Mommy GrandCanyon

Mommy and Myanna @ the Grand Canyon!

Family at Mommy s Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner on the Scottsdale Water Front with my babies!

Black Dress 4-14-17

I Smile because NOT ONLY DO I KNOW WHO I AM…I KNOW WHOSE I AM! ~DeVonna Petree

DeVonna Smiling 4-15-17

I SMILE because I KNOW what Co-Creating A Life With God looks and feels like! It’s a Supernatural feeling that supersedes ALL Understanding.

Bike Riding with Sadi

The JOY on the INSIDE is Amazing! To have my Passion, Purpose Restored and be back in Alignment with God’s Purpose over my life leaves me in Awee on most days!


SMOCA Museum

It has been so refreshing sharing my journey with you. I hope it served and inspired you in someway to believe in the impossible! Remember, Never underestimate a woman with a Dream of being the BEST VERSION of HERSELF and more importantly with an anointed calling over her life!

Let’s Get It!! Your Dream Coach is Back and READY to Empower Dreams like never before!! I’m even more qualified far beyond a certification or accreditation! I have so much in store…this is just the beginning to more Magic!

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