The Art to Trusting the Universe and its ability to supply your every need and desire.

For the first time, I can ever recall in my life, I’m NOT chasing anything! Wow! I know this can be very contradictory for a self-motivated Dream Coach all about Going for your Dreams and Goals. Ha! By no means, am I saying abandon your dreams or decrease your work ethics…I’m simply saying: Being Present in the moment is a must. Being present is being in the now. Being in the now is trusting that where you are is enough. All of your needs are met. It’s a certain type of confidence that comes from within when you know that you know that you know…Then, YOU KNOW. You see, when you are going in the right direction, there is movement even in your stillness. This movement comes from the universe that is working hand-in-hand with your Destiny. Everything inevitably has been worked out, we are simply going {GROWING} through the process.

Japenese Friendship Garden AZ

There is a difference between working for “It” and working towards “It.” Society has been instilling in us that we must work hard to see fruits from our labor, when all-in-all every moment counts. Even in the moments when feelings of defeat, uncertainty, discouragement are in effect. It’s all a part of the process. There is something so beautiful about walking in your purpose. In your purpose you attract your desires not chase them. The beauty lives in being and trusting. Be you and trust you while trusting the universe and its powerful abilities. How do you do this?

Breathe in. Breathe out. Take a moment to reflect on your life.

Specifically, moments of despair and challenges…did it work out no matter how rough it seemed in the midst of it happening? This answer is usually YES. At times, I think back and wonder how I accomplished so many things when the odds were totally against me. I was never really alone. You are not alone. There is a powerful force that is working for you and with you. Yes, there are times that you must go through trials and tribulations. But, you make it to the other side, stronger, wiser as the epitome of Resilience!

DeVonna Petree Meditating

It is important that you believe in yourself and know that the universe wants you to succeed. Believing in you is NOT a one day thing, it’s an everyday thing. As you walk towards your destiny envision yourself with your arms wide open standing in one spot and a subtle wind gently moves closer and closer to where you are trying to go. True Peace, this is. My sister-friend wrote me and stated that she can feel my peace all the way in Liberia. For this is where it is derived, I know that I know that I know…so, I trust.

Do you know?