A Guide To Re-Creating Your Best Self, Over and Over Again


“You are designed to reinvent and re-create yourself, over and over again. And, you are here whether you want to acknowledge it or not; whether you even know it or not, for the evolution of your own soul.” Debbie Ford

We are all constantly becoming! If you take a deep look at yourself, far beyond features and outer appearance, you will see that you are not who you use to be! I’m not the same woman I was a year ago, let alone a week ago! Life has its way of revealing the core of who we are! Each experience, whether it is a challenge, accomplishment, set-back, success story, etc. holds the key to opportunity! An opportunity to learn and grow, only in this growth will you become the best version of yourself! This is an on-going process if you choose to accept it as one. I’ve learned to find peace in the midst of life’s journey because I know that I know that I know: I’m being stretched for something greater! I’m being re-positioned, and even through the discomfort, uncertainty and emotions, I always see the silver lining.

I remember going to adventure world for my 8th grade middle school trip, I chose to explore the park solo rather than parlay with my friends. I ate what I wanted, got on a few rides, but mostly I sat down on the bench and reflected. I took in the moment, that I was saying goodbye to middle school and hello to high school. After reflecting, I found myself eager to attend high school, my mind instantly shifted from feeling a little unsure to eagerness. In this moment, I learned the value of reflecting.

IMG_0255If you want to re-create your best self over and over again, you must take time to reflect. At times our schedules may cause us to be everywhere but nowhere, burning both ends of the candle…Then, we look up and so much time has passed by and we’re in the same situation.

Self-Reflecting allows you to assess where you are, what you’ve done, what you want to do and who you must become to bring your best self to fruition!



So, how do you re-create your best self over and over again?

1. Self-Reflection – You self-assess and ask yourself the important questions:

  • Does my life currently represent me showing up as my best self?
  • What or who is stopping me from being my best self?
  • What action or sacrifices am I willing to take to be the best version of me?

2. Spend Time Alone – Solitude is not isolation! Simply find time for you! Do for you and just breathe, if only for 20 minutes a day, remove the parent, spouse, employer, or entrepreneur hat and Just Be! This started for me when I was 18 years old, working for Macy’s. I got paid every Friday and got off work at 2:30 p.m. Each week, I would take myself out to eat or to a movie. I learned that I had to be comfortable with me if I expected the world to be.

3. Travel – Get out and be inspired by other communities, cultures, people and foods! If you can’t book a flight to another Country, Island or Big City, see what’s in your back yard, become a tourist in your own city. Traveling opens your mind and takes you out of your current reality. If you set the intention to connect to the beauty of the world, you will feel renewed.

4. Daily Ritual – Find your rhythm, whether it’s praying, reading, journaling, meditating, exercising, yoga, zumba, walking, etc. This will build your consistency muscles while allowing you to witness your ability to commit—commitment starts with self! Most likely, what you commit to will be aligned with your evolution.

5. Connect with Nature – Nature is God’s creation and it never cease to amaze me. It has the innate ability to inspire, soothe and teach you if you are open and aware to its message. Birds chirping, flowers,  mountains, trees, lakes, etc. will lead you to your journey of awakened living.

6. Self-Love  – Love every part of you! Acknowledge and Accept who you are in this moment. This is the only pathway to get to becoming who you are. Go the mirror and confess all the love you have for yourself. If this is challenging, just make silly, goofy faces, eventually you will laugh…then just be mesmerized by your smile! “There is no way you’re not beautiful. Your very body working, breathing, smiling, pumping blood…is a work of art itself.”

7. Gratitude  – Being grateful runs parallel with Happiness and Joy! Just find as many things to be thankful for and watch how your life changes for the better. A few days ago, I was walking to my Nia Yoga Class and the weather was so beautiful that I couldn’t stop thanking GOD for: the sidewalk, sky, family, legs to walk, food, our home, etc… I don’t think it was coincidence, but thereafter,  I found myself filled with energy, clarity and joy for no apparent reason!

8. Be Decisive – Simply CHOOSE to BE YOUR BEST SELF, OWN IT, and OPERATE IN THE CAPACITY of being the BEST YOU.

9. Planning – Take action steps and make room for the new you.

Remember, life will take you on a never ending journey to self-discovery.  The steps above will help you get still and understand more and more of who you are. In the midst of recreating your best self, it is my hope that you will accept yourself through each cycle of evolution…Acceptance conquers denial.

I’m eager to know what you do to create your best self!! I welcome your comments below.