4 ways to courageously continue the journey to living your Dreams after feeling defeated.

I went hiking with a sister-friend. The closer we got to the highest and most beautiful view…I wanted to turn around. My sister-friend grabbed my hand and said “Come on Sis, It looks scarier than it is.” My God, I got to the top after feeling defeated and fearful just in time to see the beautiful sunset. 

This often happens on your journey to living your dreams. Know without a shadow of doubt that YOU are exactly where you are supposed to be in the story of your life and business. I often utter these words to myself on this entrepreneurial journey of ups and downs. I know all about wanting what you want when you want it and placing strenuous deadlines on yourself only to not see the results intended. Not meeting deadlines can be very disappointing and feel like a failure in the eyes of the most ambitious leaving YOU with an awful feeling of DEFEAT! Be aware that the expectations you place on yourself must be aligned with God’s timing. Just because something doesn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean nothing good can ever come of it.

I understand you have Big Dreams, Aspirations and Goals. Simply TRUST the PROCESS that it takes to grow. Everything you’ve experienced this far is positioning you to become the person you are Destined to be. There ARE NO mistakes. It’s ALL working together for your Destiny. I know you may want what you want when you want it…there is a process and in this process you evolve and begin to appreciate the simple things.

Do you set BIG Goals? Make sure you are taking realistic measures to achieve these Goals. If not, valuable lessons will show up and look like failure and this can STOP YOU. If YOU DO NOT GIVE UP you will see progress. Allow Failure, Setbacks and moments of uncertainty to be your GREATEST teacher.

I want you to think about a moment where you felt like you’ve failed. I know in my heart of hearts that if YOU look deeper and reflect you will see a lesson that you learned. Are you stronger and wiser today because of it?

Failure is the #1 ingredient of Resilience.

  1. Look forward to failure it is an AMAZING opportunity to learn and get closer to your goal, it is something to be expected and even anticipated. Think about it, if you are not failing, that probably means you are not trying hard enough.


  1. No Pity Party. Cry…Feel the emotion and get back up and go back at it, knowing there is WORK still needed to be done. Being sad is natural just put measures in place not to delve in the sadness. Now is time to stop regretting and do something about it. Choose happiness and Smile through it ALL.


  1. Forgive yourself. We can be our worse critics. Failure can be because of many reasons like lack of preparation, personal issues, lack of resources, overconfidence or lack of confidence, etc.Be accountable for your failure and do not blame others. Forgive yourself and any person who you think was responsible.


  1. Understand and Strategize: Think about what you will do differently next time. Apply What Worked! Tweak things with consistency until YOU see results. If you failed because of something you did or didn’t do, what can you do differently? Yes, there is something you can do whether it’s a mindset shift, removing negativity or applying a tactic.

YOU GOT THIS, embrace failure as your greatest teacher knowing that it is your ticket to success!! Keep the VISION of your Ideal life in the forefront!! That’s your target! Keep at it and celebrate all of your accomplishments whether big or small. The fact that you are reading this blog is an accomplishment.

Remember, YOU are only defeated when you STOP trying. The key is to Fail then Fail Better.


Comment below and share a moment where you failed…but something beautiful came from it.